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Documents up to 5000 words returned within 48 hours.
Copy editing rate:
per word.
Copy editing involves altering your text for the improvement of its structure, format, style and register, along with spelling and grammar accuracy. We do not make any significant changes to the content of your writing.

Documents sent to us in Word format (.doc / .docx) have changes tracked, which means you can see what corrections we have made (see our FAQ for details).

Our copy editing service may be appropriate for you if:
  • you are submitting an article for publication
  • you are writing a manuscript for submission to publishing agencies
  • you are writing a personal statement or covering letter for job/university applications.
If you want a document longer than 10,000 words copy edited, please contact us for an estimated timescale.

Not sure whether copy editing is the right choice for you? Contact us or consult our FAQs.